Liqui Moly 20036 Top Tec 1400 1 Liter

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High performance transmission fluid formulated with fully synthetic base stocks and selected additives. Specially recommended for use in latest Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) which transfer torque via steel chains or thrust link belts. It offers the best possible anti-foam resistance and a very good stability against aging and oxidation. LIQUI MOLY RECOMMENDS THIS PRODUCT FOR VEHICLES THAT NEEDS TO COMPLY THE FOLLOWING SPECIFICATIONS: Dodge CVTF+4 Dodge NS-2 Ford CVT23 Ford CVT30 Ford Mercon C GM/Saturn DEX-CVT Honda HCF2 Honda HMMF Hyundai SP-CVT 1 Jeep CVTF+4 Jeep NS-2 Kia SP-CVT 1 MB 236.20 Mini Cooper (EZL 799) Mitsubishi CVTF-J1 Mitsubishi CVTF-J4 Nissan CVT NS-2 Fluid Nissan CVT NS-3 Fluid Subaru E-CVT Subaru High Torque CVTF Subaru Lineartronic CV-30 Subaru Lineartronic CVTF Subaru Lineartronic CVTF II Subaru NS-2 Suzuki CVT Green1 Suzuki CVT Green2 Suzuki NS-2 Suzuki TC Toyota CVTF FE Toyota TC VW G 052 180 VW G 052 516