Liqui Moly 20042 SAE 75W-140 Fully Synthetic Hypoid Gear Oil GL5 1 Liter

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Fully synthetic hypoid gear oil with LS additive for passenger vehicles, particularly BMW vehicles with locked axle systems and extended periods between oil changes as well as numerous Japanese transmission types. High-load vehicle hypoid transmissions. The manufacturer's operating instructions must be followed. APPROVALS: API GL5 LIQUI MOLY RECOMMENDS THIS PRODUCT FOR VEHICLES THAT NEEDS TO COMPLY THE FOLLOWING SPECIFICATIONS: BMW Hinterachsgetriebeöl Ford WSL-M2C 192-A Scania STO 1:0 VME ZF TE-ML 05D ZF TE-ML 12D ZF TE-ML 16G ZF TE-ML 21D