Liqui Moly 2331 SAE 5W-40 Leichtlauf High Tech 1 Liter

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Top class fully synthetic, all-season motor oil for superior performance and long engine life in gasoline and diesel vehicles without particulate filters (GPF / DPF). Tested safe with catalytic converters and turbo chargers. Depending on the manufacturer instructions, extended oil change intervals can be achieved. Observe manufacturers instructions. APPROVALS & RECOMMENDATIONS APPROVALS: ACEA A3 ACEA B4 API SN BMW Longlife-01 MB-Freigabe 229.5 Peugeot Citroen (PSA) B71 2296 Porsche A40 Renault RN 0700 Renault RN 0710 VW 502 00 VW 505 00 LIQUI MOLY RECOMMENDS THIS PRODUCT FOR VEHICLES THAT NEEDS TO COMPLY THE FOLLOWING SPECIFICATIONS: Chrysler MS-10725 Chrysler MS-10850 Fiat 9.55535-H2 Fiat 9.55535-M2 Fiat 9.55535-N2 Fiat 9.55535-Z2 Opel GM-LL-B-025 Peugeot Citroen (PSA) B71 2294