Liqui Moly 2050 SAE 0W-40 Synthoil Energy A40 5 Liter

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Modern top class low-friction, fully synthetic motor oil. Promotes rapid oil delivery in the engine. Optimum engine lubrication from the first turn of the engine and significantly less wear. For gasoline engines. Specially suitable for high-tech engines. Year-round oil for very long periods between oil changes. APPROVALS: ACEA A3 ACEA B4 API SN Porsche A40 LIQUI MOLY RECOMMENDS THIS PRODUCT FOR VEHICLES THAT NEEDS TO COMPLY THE FOLLOWING SPECIFICATIONS: BMW Longlife-01 (bis MJ 2018) Ford WSS-M2C 937-A MB 229.3 MB 229.5 VW 502 00 VW 505 00